1. Summary

Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák E. V .. (hereinafter referred to as the Data Controller) manages the data of visitors to the Website, those registering on the Website, and within this the Buyers (hereinafter collectively Affected) in order to operate its websites. All personal information is collected and processed solely in accordance with the law. The System Message is sent without a choice, DM is only available. Your data is stored in a very secure, first quarter release only. You may request information in writing about your personal information and, accordingly, deletion of your opponents at admin@broadhost.eu and via our Client Gate interface at https://www.mediastream.store.

  1. Name and contact details of the controller

Name of the controller: Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák E.V ..

The data manager's mailing address is: 1119 Budapest, Fehérvári út 103 / B

The controller e-mail address is admin@broadhost.eu

Data Controller Phone: +36 30 621 5114

The controller number is 67014031-2-43

The controller registration number is 42359691

Data Controller Registration Number: NAIH-83343/2015

  1. Data protection unnecessary definition

This Privacy and Data Protection Needs (hereinafter referred to as "the Regulations") Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák EV (seat: 1119 Budapest, Fehérvári út 103 / B; tax number: 67014031-2-43; phone number: +36 30 621 5114; opening hours) Municipality) used the privacy and data management principles and systems set forth in the privacy and data management policy. Data Controller, the content of the current notice, which is not mandatory for you to compete. Obligations for entrepreneurs for which all data management contributes to unnecessary requirements and usage requirements. Data Management in Context The Data Controller hereby informs and manages and manages its user data in relation to personal data, as well as for the management of personal data, for improving traffic management and practice, and for exercising in practice.

The Service Provider respects the personal rights of the visitors of its Website; your recorded personal claims will be treated confidentially in accordance with this Privacy Statement and in accordance with international recommendations. Data Controller may require sustainable magnetic and fast motion information that you want to change by incorporating user requirements. The principles set out in this Privacy Statement and in CXII of 2011 on Medical Information Self-Determination Rules ("Info") and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council ("the Regulation").

  1. The scope, time and purpose of the personal data processed

You can order the affected service on the Data Controller's website during registration or login. The provision of information is voluntary, and the Data Subject is not obliged to provide personal information, but in the absence of such information, in some cases (such as ordering as an individual), he / she may not order the services provided by our company.

The purpose of data management with the consent of the data subject is to provide services, document the adequacy of performance, prove the conclusion of contracts and fulfill legal obligations (eg issue an invoice). Within the scope of mandatory data management, the Data Controller shall comply with its statutory obligations regarding the management of certain data required by law, for a period determined by law, with respect to the range of data that is required by applicable law. The Controller is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

Technical details

When using the Website, Data Manager automatically records the User's IP address, the type of operating system and browser used, and other information for technical reasons. This data is logged continuously, but not linked to the data you provided during registration or use. The data obtained in this way will not be accessed by the Users, only by the Service Provider.

The Service Provider may record the details of the Internet pages from which the User has accessed the Website, as well as those visited by the Website, as well as the time and duration of the visit. It is not possible to infer from this data the identity and profile of the person concerned.

The system used by visitors to the Website is a so-called system. cookie.

The Technical Data shall be used by the Data Controller solely for the technical operation of the Website and for statistical purposes.

Registration, data provided when purchasing a service and its handling

During registration, the Data subject is required to provide the following personal information: login ID, password, full name, billing address (zip code, city, street, house number), country, county, telephone number, personal e-mail address.

After entering the data, the Data Controller will inform the Data subject about the successful registration.

The data subject may, after registration, provide non-binding additional information and comments, if this is necessary for the performance or promotion of the service provided by the Service Provider.

Purpose of data management: Documentation of purchase, order and payment; issue of a financial certificate; service provider performance; announcing changes to a particular service, sending a reminder (e.g., payment reminder, requesting other technical information necessary to perform the service).

Legal basis for data processing: consent of the data subject or legal requirement (Accounting Act).

Duration of data processing: 8 years for statutory data processing, otherwise until withdrawal of consent of the data subject.


Hosting service

The Service Provider provides hosting services on the Website and orders these services. The Service Provider manages the technical data generated during the use of the service, as well as the data provided by the User during the order.

The User may also provide additional information (comments) when ordering, if this is necessary for the performance or promotion of the service provided by the Service Provider.

Purpose of data management: Documentation of purchase, order and payment; issue of a financial certificate; service provider performance; announcing changes to a particular service, sending a reminder (e.g., payment reminder, requesting other technical information necessary to perform the service).

Legal basis for data processing: consent of the data subject or legal requirement (Accounting Act).

Duration of data processing: 8 years for statutory data processing, otherwise until withdrawal of consent of the data subject.


Non-service related email sent to email addresses and their handling

Managed data: E-mail address, name, phone number, if provided by the correspondent.

Purpose of data management: contact.

Legal basis for the data processing: consent of the data subject.

Duration of data management: Until consent is withdrawn.

Other data management

Data handling not listed in this brochure will be advised when the data is collected. Subject to the authorization of a court, prosecutor, investigating authority, offense authority, administrative authority, National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority or other bodies, the Data Controller may be contacted for information, communication, disclosure or filing. Personal data provided to the authorities, provided the authority has indicated the exact purpose and scope of the data, shall be limited to which is essential for the purpose of the request.

  1. Storage, protection and access to personal data

The Data Controller stores personal data on a paper basis and by means of computer technology at the Data Controller's headquarters on its own servers. Paper-based documents are kept locked by Data Controller, ensuring that only those authorized to access them. The data manager is primarily entitled to know the data. As stated in this brochure, some data will be passed to data processors and other data controllers (eg accountant) for the purposes described in this brochure.

In addition to the above, the transfer of personal data relating to the User may only take place in cases defined by law (eg when seeking an authority authorized by law) or with the User's consent.

The Controller protects the managed data against unauthorized access, alteration, transfer, deletion, damage and destruction. The Data Controller shall maintain a record of the personal data processed by it, the number and number of persons involved in a possible incident, the date, circumstances, effects and measures taken to rectify the incident, as well as any other data specified in the data protection law.

  1. Data security

The Data Controller shall take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the personal data provided by the Data subject, both during network communication and during storage and retention of data.

Access to personal information is strictly limited to prevent unauthorized access, alteration or unauthorized use of personal information.

The servers that serve the data management website are at your own, Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák E.V .. (https://mediastream.store). Data Controller maintains confidentiality during data management: it protects the information so that only authorized persons have access to it; integrity: protects the accuracy and completeness of the information and the method of processing; Availability: Ensures that when an authorized user needs it, they can truly access the information they need and have the tools to do so. The above obligation is also required by the Data Controller for its employees involved in its data processing activities and for the data processors acting on behalf of the Data Controller.

Privacy incident

Privacy incident is a breach of security that results in the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access of personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed. The Data Controller shall keep records of the data protection incidents, indicating the facts related to the data incidents, their effects and the measures taken to remedy them. Unless there is a risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, the Controller shall inform the Supervisory Authority of the incident without undue delay, but within no more than 72 hours.

The data subject need not be informed if any of the following conditions are met:

the Data Controller has taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures and has been applied to the data affected by the data security incident, in particular measures such as the use of encryption which make it unintelligible to unauthorized persons to have access to personal data. data;

the Data Controller has taken further measures following the data protection incident to ensure that the high risk to the data subject's rights and freedoms referred to in Article 33 (1) of the Regulation is no longer likely to materialize;

information would require a disproportionate effort. In such cases, the data subjects shall be informed through publicly available information or similar measures shall be taken to ensure that the data subjects are provided with equally effective information.


  1. User Rights and Enforcement

The data subject shall have the right at any time to request information about the personal data managed by the Data Controller and to modify it at any time. The data subject shall also have the right to request the deletion of his or her data through the contact details provided in this section.

The data subject may apply to the Data Controller for information on the processing of his / her personal data, for rectification of his / her personal data, for deletion or blocking of his / her personal data, except for mandatory data management, for restricting data management, and for objecting.

  • Stakeholders' rights
  • Access right
  • Right of rectification
  • Right to delete
  • The right to restrict data management
  • The right to data portability

The data subject can exercise his / her rights through the following contact details:

Mailing address: Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák E.V .. 1119 Budapest, Fehérvári út 103 / B.

Email: admin@broadhost.eu

If you have any questions or comments regarding data management, you may contact the Data Controller through the contact details above.

The Data Controller shall provide the information in writing, in a comprehensible form, in the same manner as the request, within a minimum of 25 days from the submission of the request.

The data subject shall have the right at any time to request the correction or deletion of incorrectly recorded data. Certain data may be corrected by the Data Subject himself / herself on the Website; in other cases, the Data Controller will delete the data within 3 working days of receiving the request, in which case it will not be recoverable.

The data subject has the right to request the deletion of his / her personal data, which the Data Controller shall comply with within 15 days at the latest. The deletion does not apply to the data processing required by law (eg accounting regulations), the Data Manager will keep them for the necessary period of time.

At the request of the Data Controller, the Data Controller shall restrict the data management if the accuracy of the personal data is in dispute, or the data processing is unlawful or in the event of the Data subject protesting against the data management, and if the Data Controller no longer needs the personal data.

The data subject shall also have the right to receive the personal data relating to him or her in a structured, widely used, machine-readable format, and to transmit such data to another data controller without being hindered by the Data Controller, subject to the necessary conditions persist.

Affected by the Metropolitan General Court, 1055 Budapest, Markó u. 27. or, at the option of the data subject, he or she may assert his or her rights before the county court of the place where he or she is domiciled (legal background: Section 22 (1) of Act CXII of 2011 on Information Self-Determination and Freedom of Information). You may also contact the President of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information: Dr. Attila Péterfalvi (1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22 / C., Www.naih.hu, ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu, Tel .: + 36-1 / 391-1400) help.

The Data Controller may refuse to inform the data subject only in the cases and for the reasons specified in the Info Act and the Decree. In such a case, the Data Controller shall inform the data subject in writing of the provisions of the Information Act and the Decree which have been denied. In the event of a refusal to provide information, the Data Controller shall inform the data subject of the remedies available.

If the Data subject has provided third party data in order to use the service, the Data Controller will provide all possible assistance to the acting authorities in order to establish the identity of the infringer.

  1. Cookie Policy

We use cookies on our websites. We personally cannot and do not want to identify you based on the information contained therein, we only use it to know if you have visited our website before, and if so, what pages you have visited and which services are of most interest to you. You may refuse these cookies through your browser settings, but in this case you may not be able to use all the features of our website.

the. What are cookies?

This website stores small text files on your PC or mobile or tablet when you visit. This allows you to remember your username for a certain period of time, for example, so that you do not have to re-enter it. A number of similar convenience features are required to enable cookies. We do not sell or use cookies or any information we collect using cookies to third parties or use them for identification.

  1. What do we use cookies for?

our website uses cookies

display settings, such as font size settings

browser type and version, operating system, referrer URL (previously viewed site), computer IP address used to access, and date and time of visit

have you answered any of our current satisfaction surveys

whether or not you have consented to the use of cookies on our website

what products have been added to your shopping cart

patterns of traffic and user behavior that allow us to improve our website and services

We only record this data for internal and statistical purposes.

Our site may use the following cookie:

Temporary cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation: this temporary data is only stored in the cookie file until the end of your browsing. These are essential for the proper functioning of some of the features associated with our website.

Cookies are used to improve the user experience: they collect information about the user's use of the website, such as which pages he or she visits most often or error messages about the site. These cookies do not collect visitor-identifying information, so they work with general, anonymous information. The data obtained from these are used to improve the performance of the website. The lifetime of these types of cookies is limited to the duration of the session. Third Party Cookies:

- Google Analytics

_utma; _utmb; _utmv; _utmz; _utmx: These cookies collect anonymous data about how visitors use our site, which may improve usability. It is not possible to identify the User. Learn more at www.google.com/policies/privacy/

- Facebook.com

Datron; see; reg_ext_ref; reg_fb_gate; reg_fb_ref; wd: You can share the content of our website with your friends on Facebook. This feature may leave cookies on your computer that we have no control over. Using Facebook Remarketing Code, the User will display various promotions to the Data Controller. It is not possible to identify the User.

- Twitter.com

__utma; __utmb; __utmc; __utmv; __utmz; _twitter_sess; external_referer; guest_id; k; original_referer: Share the content of our site with your friends on Twitter. This feature may leave cookies on your computer that we have no control over. It is not possible to identify the User.

- accounts.google.com

GALX; GAPS; GoogleAccountsLocale_session: Share the content of our website with your friends on the Google social networking site. This feature may leave cookies on your computer that we have no control over. It is not possible to identify the User.

- Google Adwords

NID and SID cookies: The Website uses Google Adwords remarketing tracking codes. The remarketing code uses cookies to tag visitors. Website users have the ability to disable these cookies. It is not possible to identify the User.

Our site also uses LuckyOrange and Inspectlet and Smartlook software, which is used to understand visitor behavior and browsing habits, to provide a better user experience for our visitors. For more information, please visit http://www.luckyorange.com, https://www.inspectlet.com, https://www.smartlook.com.

The Website contains remarketing tags to build a remarketing list, so that when you visit it, third-party providers, including Google and Facebook, may display ads on their websites, interest-based ads. Remarketing lists are not personally identifiable, do not contain visitor personal information, and are solely used to identify browser software. Service providers use cookies for remarketing tags. The so-called Website. uses conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of Google AdWords ads. The conversion tracking cookie only exists for a limited time, is not required to be accepted, does not record or use any personal information.

Attendance analysis: Reports and analyzes made from the data of the users by general and / or automatic statistical methods are stored by our Website for an unlimited period of time. No personal data of the whistleblower may be reproduced from this data by any means. We do not link personal information collected in the Web Store to any data from any other source that is not intended to remain with the Customer Service Provider.

  1. If you would like to know more about this topic, many articles are available on the Internet, for example http://www.allaboutcookies.org nyomokovetese-the-internet /

For more information on changing your cookie settings, please visit your browser's help center or visit the link below:

Mozilla Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en/kb/S%C3%BCtik%20management%C3%A9se

Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95582?hl=en&ref_topic=3421433

Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/ie-security-privacy-settings#ie=ie-9

Opera: https://www.opera.com/terms

Safari: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042

The user can delete the cookie from his / her own computer or disable the use of cookies in his / her browser. Cookies are usually managed in the browsers' Tools / Settings menu, under the Privacy / History / Custom Settings menu, called cookie, cookie or trace.


The Data Controller reviews this Prospectus annually. Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify this Privacy Statement without prior notice to the Data Subject. The Data Controller is also obliged to revise the contents of this Prospectus, if a significant change in the law enters into force, or if its data protection and data management processes and procedures change significantly. In such cases, the Data Controller shall make appropriate changes to this information and publish it on its website, while noting any changes. Our website is not responsible for the privacy practices of other external websites. The Controller does not verify the personal data provided to him. The accuracy of the information provided is the sole responsibility of the person providing it. By entering any e-mail address of the Affected Person, you are also responsible for using the e-mail address provided solely by him / her.

  1. Customer Service Privacy Notice and Joint Requests at Customer Portal

Client Gate Requests / Email Contact / Phone Calls / Customer Support Request

Purposes / legal basis of data management:

Of course, personal information (such as name, address, contact information, other voluntarily provided personal information) provided via the Contact Us section of the Client Gateway menu on the Media Stream Store website will be treated confidentially. In all cases, the data you provide will be processed solely for the purposes directly related to your inquiry (eg request for quotation, bug report, information, general information, complaint report, etc.). The legal basis for data management is Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR.

  1. Customer Service Data Management Information

Below you will be informed in detail of our data processing in accordance with Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation when you contact our customer service.

The controller pursuant to Article 7 (4) of the Regulation is Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák E.V .. Telephone number of the controller: +36 30 621 5114, e-mail address: admin@broadhost.eu Online customer port / customer service: https://mediastream.store

Of course, any personal information you provide via the Client Gate, phone or email will be kept confidential and will only be used to respond to your inquiry. The purpose of data management is to respond to requests. The legal basis for the processing of data is the legitimate interest within the meaning of Article 6 (1) (f) of the Regulation, ie in this case responding to requests, handling bug reports, providing services.

Calls to the telephone number of Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák E.V. record. The purpose of data management is to ensure the quality of services provided by Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák E.V .., to enforce the rights of clients and data controllers, to provide evidence to resolve any legal disputes, to post-prove and to prove post-contractual agreements, quality assurance.

The data to be handled include ID number, call number, called number, date, time of call, voice recording of the telephone conversation, and other personal data provided during the conversation.

The deadline for deleting the data is one month.

In the premises of Ferenc Zsolt E.V .., the headquarters of Ferenc Cseresznyák, an electronic monitoring and recording system is in use in the rooms used by Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák. For more information on the exact location of the cameras and the areas monitored, refer to the information provided by the Customer Care Center.

Purpose of data management: protection of human life, physical integrity and property, ensuring the safety and integrity of services, prevention, detection of offenses, detection of offenders and proving of offenses. The type of personal data being processed: the image of the person appearing on the pictures and other personal data recorded by the surveillance system, of persons entering the premises used by Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák E.V ..

Duration of data management: up to three business days if unused. Data storage information: Recordings are stored with enhanced data security measures to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot view and copy the recordings. Access to images: Only the managing director of Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák, or the manager authorized by the manager in writing in the case of replacing Ferenc Zsolt Cseresznyák, shall be entitled to view the current images of the cameras and to record them on a data carrier. Logging: records the access to the recorded recordings and the recording on the media with the name of the person performing the recording, the reason and date of accessing the data. Rights of the data subject: The data subject whose right or legitimate interest is affected by the recording of the image may request that the data not be destroyed or deleted by the controller until a court or authority has requested it, but not more than 30 days. The person included in the recording may also request the controller to inform in writing what appears in the recording containing him or her. The person concerned may receive a copy of a recording only where no other person is present or is only recognizable. If the above cannot be fulfilled, the controller shall provide the data subject with the opportunity to view the recording containing him / her.

The data subject may request the deletion of the recording, modification of the data related to the recording or protest against the data management.

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